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YouTuber Catches a Dog in Minecraft & Other Hilarious Glitches in the 1.20.5 Trailer

Recently, the Minecraft community was abuzz with excitement and amusement when a YouTuber’s sharp observations of quirky glitches—including a peculiarly animated dog in Minecraft—quickly became a viral sensation. The video commentary dissected the update’s features, particularly focusing on the newest mob, the Armadillo, and the anticipated canine enhancements. The video

What’s Good in the Blocky World: Unpacking the Minecraft Update 1.20.5

Hey there, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! It’s an exciting time in our blocky universe as Mojang Studios gears up to roll out the new Minecraft update 1.20.5. Now, while it’s not the biggest update we’ve seen, it’s packed with some cool new features that have been on the wishlist of many