What’s Good in the Blocky World: Unpacking the Minecraft Update 1.20.5

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The Mojang folks have their unique way of teasing Minecraft fans with tidbits of the update through snapshots, pre-releases, and release candidates.

We’ve already seen two release candidates, so the official release is probably just around the corner!

Mojang Studios has penciled in the release date window, marking the calendar for April 22-26, 2024.

Although the exact date is still under wraps, we’ve got enough to start the countdown. And let me spill a little secret—based on their past releases, Mojang favors weekdays for dropping updates.

So, it’s a safe bet that the release will happen between Monday and Friday within that window.

What’s the Minecraft Update 1.20.5 Buzz About?

Last October, the Mojang squad introduced us to a new critter—the Armadillo. These little armored wanderers were part of the annual mob vote competition, and, boy, did they win the crowd’s heart! They don’t just look adorable but drop scutes, which can be used to craft wolf armor. Yes, you read that right—wolf armor! This was such a hit that the developers fast-tracked their addition, and now they’re making an early debut in the 1.20.5 update.

Unpacking the Minecraft 1.20.5 Update's Armadillo

Where to Find These Armored Cuties?

Armadillos hang out in warm biomes like savannas and badlands. Grab a brush, and you can gather their scutes to fashion snazzy armor for your wolf companions. It’s not every day that your wolf gets to strut in armor, right?

Wolves in New Clothes Speaking of wolves, that’s not the only good news for our four-legged friends. Mojang is introducing not one, not two, but eight new wolf variants! The days when you could only find the classic white wolves in the forests are long gone. The Minecraft update 1.20.5 welcomes rusty, spotted, black, striped, snowy, ashen, woodsy, and chestnut wolves, each making their home in various biomes. It’s like a fashion makeover for wolves!

The Minecraft 1.21 update is not the same as the upcoming 1.20.5

While we’re all eagerly awaiting the big 1.21 update rumored for release in June, here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store with the 1.20.5 update:

  • Collect Armadillo scutes
  • Craft stylish wolf armor
  • Discover 8 diverse new wolf variants
  • Unlock four fresh advancements
  • Experiment with new commands
  • A slew of bug fixes

Wrapping It Up

So, as we eagerly await the arrival of the Minecraft 1.20.5 update, let’s prep our brushes and scout out the perfect biomes for our new wolf pals. It’s all about

Here’s a list of the top Minecraft servers where you can explore, create, and gear up our loyal companions in style.

Stay tuned, dig deep, and keep building. With the 1.20.5 update on the horizon, the Minecraft world is about to get even more diverse and exciting.

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