Kicking Off Your New World in Minecraft: A Gamer’s Guide to the First Hours

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Hey, fellow crafters!

Are you gearing up to start a new world in Minecraft and wondering how to make the most of your first hours? Whether you’re setting foot into a Survivor or Hardcore world, I have some cool tips to help you progress quickly in your new adventure.

Step 1: Preparation and First Steps

The clock starts ticking soon as you spawn into your new world—you’ve got exactly 10 minutes before night falls.

First, gather some basic materials. Wood is your best friend here; snag some to craft your initial set of tools. If you find yourself in a desert—tough luck—but keep your eyes peeled for any wood you can find. Once your wooden pickaxe is in hand, it’s time to upgrade.

Scoop up some stone to craft better tools because, let’s be honest, wooden tools just won’t cut it for long.

new world in minecraft

Step 2: Arm Yourself and Fill Your Belly

Before that first sunset, you need two critical things: a shield and food. If you stumble upon any exposed iron, craft a shield immediately—it could save your life since you don’t have armor yet. As for food, if you see animals, don’t hesitate to gather all the food you can. Killing animals and breaking grass for seeds is your go-to move.

Even kelp and fish are solid food sources early on.

Step 3: Secure Shelter Before Night

Wool from three sheep or crafted from string will get you a bed. If you’re near a village, you might even snag a bed from there. Try building a simple bunker—nothing fancy; a dirt cube does the job. Just make sure you have somewhere safe to avoid the mobs at night.

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Step 4: Farming and Mining Essentials

Don’t forget to start a farm. Use the seeds and sugar cane you’ve gathered to plant crops. If you find animals nearby, consider starting a small farm—fence them in and use wheat or carrots to keep them happy. As for mining, your goal should be to gather iron for better tools and armor. But keep an eye out for coal, and especially gold and redstone, which are invaluable down the line.

Step 5: Venturing Deeper

Once you have gotten familiar with basic iron equipment, it’s time to think about bigger projects. If you’re feeling brave, why not head to the Nether? You don’t even need a diamond pickaxe to start; a simple trick with water and lava can set up an obsidian portal frame. Remember to wear gold in the Nether to prevent attacks from Piglins and collect quartz for XP.


What should I do first when I start a new world in Minecraft?

    When you spawn into your new Minecraft world, your first step should be to collect wood. It’s essential for making your initial set of tools. Aim to craft a wooden pickaxe quickly so you can start gathering stone and upgrade to stone tools. This should be done within the first 10 minutes before nightfall.

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    How important is it to have a shield early in the game?

    Having a shield early on is crucial, especially if you don’t have armor yet. A shield can protect you from the attacks of hostile mobs, which is particularly important in your first night when you are most vulnerable. If you find iron soon after starting, craft a shield as one of your first priorities.

    What’s the best strategy for food in the early stages of a new Minecraft world?

    In the early stages, gather as much food as possible. Kill any animals you come across for meat and break grass to collect seeds that you can use to start a farm. If you’re near water, fishing or collecting kelp can also provide a good food source. Ensuring you have enough food will keep you healthy as you explore and expand your world.

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