How to Breed A Perfect Horse in Minecraft

How to Breed A Perfect Horse in Minecraft

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Discover how to breed a perfect horse in Minecraft with our advanced breeding guide.

If you love playing Minecraft, you probably know how important horses are when it comes to getting around quickly and easily. While tamed horses from the wild are also useful, breeding is the best way to have the best horse that can help you in battle and travel the fastest to your destination. 

When you breed two horses, their foal will inherit their stats. This means that if you’re strategic about it, you can create a perfect horse. Breeding horses helps ensure that your tamed horses are fast and healthy. In other words, one has the power to breed a perfect horse with speed, jump height, or health. 

Creating such a horse is not easy since you must be patient and spend resources on making golden carrots and other essentials. Nevertheless, here are proven tips to get you started on how to breed a perfect horse in Minecraft.

Start With Quality Horses

How to Breed A Perfect Horse in Minecraft

Although finding horses that meet your standards such as your desired colors and patterns can be challenging, striving for the best horse you can find is the pillar of breeding the perfect one. By starting with the best genes available, you’ll reach the ideal horse faster.

You’ll need to travel quite some distance to find some great horses. 

Feed your Horses

Certain foods can speed up horse growth and taming. Six types include sugar, wheat, apples, golden carrots, golden apples, and hay bales.  These foods can dramatically reduce the time it takes for horses to grow and become easier to tame. 

Among all these options, golden carrots and golden apples are considered the most effective as they can help with both horse growth and taming. 

Measure Horse’s Stats

Breeders can increase the quality of their generation of horses by measuring the horses’ stats accurately. There are several ways to measure the stats.

First, breeders can use commands to easily check their horse’s stats. Go to the horse you want to check and hover your aim to it. Then open the Command Line and type in “/data get entity (add the random string generated)”, and your horse’s data will be displayed.

However, if this is not possible, mods like Litematica can be installed to help with the process. In addition, devices like horse speed testers can be used to measure a horse’s speed accurately. 

For measuring jump height, breeders can stack snow layers to make walls with different heights and teach the maximum height a horse can reach.

Check your Horse’s Health  

It is important to take note of your horse’s health to see if it can be reliable. One way to check its health is by observing its health or hearts. However, some horses have a hidden half-heart, which makes it difficult to calculate their total health. To determine the number of hearts, divide the health value by 2. 

Also, punching the horse can help reveal if it has an extra half-heart. If you’re breeding horses, it’s important to consider their stats, including their health. Breeding with horses that have the best stats, including extra health, can help you breed the perfect horse faster.

Maintain Steady Progress

Avoid pairing horses with extreme and opposing stats. For instance, a horse with impressive speed but poor jumping skills may not produce the desired foals. Breeding such extremes often leads to below-average foals that might not meet your expectations. 

Instead, it’s advisable to aim for horses with slightly above-average stats across the board. This approach ensures steady progress in improving your horse lineage without dragging down overall averages. By sensibly considering the horses’ genetic traits, you can ensure that you have the highest chance of making healthy foals who will help you reach your breeding goal.

Keep on breeding the two best horses in your stable and you will end up with better horses in the long run. 

Enough Supplies

It’s important to prepare your supplies before breeding horses. You will need a significant amount of golden carrots and stacks of signs before you can breed the horse for you. It’s also helpful to have a villager crop farm that is supported by a bone meal farm. 

This automated crop system will provide you with unlimited crops to trade for emerald, which you can then trade for Golden Carrots.

If you trade wheat for emeralds with cured villagers, you can get golden carrots. In addition to golden carrots, consider using other types of food for breeding. By having enough supplies, you increase the likelihood of a successful and efficient horse breeding process.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection may not always be plausible, but always striving for excellence is a viable alternative. 

It’s essential to know and accept that anything faster than 14 meters per second is already exceptionally great and that differences of 0.1 or 0.2 meters per second are hardly noticeable. Horses around 13 meters per second are also already considered excellent. 

You do not need to exhaust yourself chasing absolute perfection. Instead, settling for around 14.1 meters per second is often more than what you actually need for your playthrough, unless you want to win a high-jump competition or a race with your horse on your Minecraft server.

How to Breed a Perfect Horse in Minecraft: FAQs

Why can’t I breed horses in Minecraft?

When playing Minecraft, it’s important to know that wild horses cannot be bred. To breed horses, they must first be tamed. This means that both horses must be approached, mounted, and ridden until they accept the player’s control. 

Once both horses are tamed, they can be bred by feeding them such as golden carrots or golden apples. So, before attempting to breed horses, be sure that both horses are tamed and under your control.

How to get the perfect horse in Minecraft?

To acquire a perfect horse, you must look for one with excellent stats such as speed, jump height, and health. Horses in the game appear with random stats initially, but they can reach a maximum of 15 hearts, a speed of 14.23 meters per second, and a jump height of over five blocks. 

Breeding is the key to getting the desired stats. When you breed two horses, their foal’s stats will be based on the parent’s stats.

Which Minecraft horse is the fastest?

The Arabian horse stands out as the fastest among other horses, racing at an impressive speed of 14.25 blocks per second. 

How to breed horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

When it comes to breeding horses and donkeys in Minecraft, you’ll need to feed tamed horses golden apples or a golden carrot to initiate love mode. The foal that you get will vary based on the type of parents you choose. 

Foals are smaller than adults, but they will grow over time. It’s worth noting that they’re not automatically tamed, so it’s important to give them around 20 minutes to grow into adults.


That concludes our perfect Minecraft Horse breeding guide. Breeding horses has become significantly more streamlined and accessible with the latest updates. You can now craft the perfect horse companion with exceptional stats that will help you conquer the game. 

By employing some strategic tactics and committing yourself to the process, you’ll be riding through this blocky world on your dream-perfect horse.

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