Easily Allow Cracked Minecraft Clients to Join Your Server | Ultimate Minecraft Guide | 2024

Cracked Minecraft Clients

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Minecraft isn’t just a game; it’s a boundless world defined by creativity and teamwork.

Hosting your own Minecraft server is like architecting an ever-evolving adventure. From tweaking game settings and adding mods to deciding who gets to join in, every choice you make only adds more fun.

While many players stick to official accounts, many in the community prefer cracked Minecraft clients for various reasons.

Looking to welcome these players to your server seamlessly? Here’s how to make it happen hassle-free:


  • A running Minecraft server on your local computer.
  • Basic knowledge of server management.

Step 1: Stopping the Server

  • Open your server console.
  • Type save-all and press Enter to save the world.
  • In the console, type STOP and press Enter.
  • Wait for the server to close.

Step 2: Editing server.properties File

  • Navigate to your server files and locate the folder where your Minecraft server files are stored.
  • Open the server.properties file. Use a text editor like Notepad or any other text editor you choose.
  • Find the online-mode setting. Scroll to the bottom of the file or search for online-mode.
  • Set online-mode to false: Change online-mode=true to online-mode=false.
  • Save and close the server.properties file

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Step 3: Restarting the Server

  • Open your server start script (e.g., start.bat or server_start.sh).
  • Wait for the server to start.
  • Look for the message: Server is running in offline/insecure mode. This indicates the server will no longer attempt to authenticate usernames with Mojang.

Step 4: Joining the Server

  • Players using cracked minecraft clients can now join your server.
  • To connect, they need to input your server’s IP address in their Minecraft client.

Official account users will not have their skins displayed because the server does not verify with Mojang.

Your Minecraft server is now configured to allow cracked clients. Remember to share this server only with trusted friends because running it offline can expose it to potential security risks.

Balancing Accessibility and Security

Hosting a server that allows cracked clients opens up your Minecraft world to a broader audience. While this fosters inclusivity, one should remain vigilant about server security and manage access carefully. These steps can help offer a welcoming environment for all players while maintaining control over your digital realm.


1- What are cracked Minecraft clients?

Cracked Minecraft clients are modified game versions that allow players to join servers without an official Mojang account. This enables users who haven’t purchased the game to play Minecraft.

2- Is it legal to host a server that allows cracked clients?

While hosting a server that allows cracked clients is technically possible, it’s important to consider the legal and ethical implications. Using and promoting cracked clients can violate Minecraft’s End User License Agreement (EULA) and could result in penalties from Mojang.

Check out the best Minecraft servers if you want to join one instead.

3- Will official account users lose skins if I enable cracked clients?

A: Yes, if your server is running offline, official account users will not have their skins displayed, as the server will not verify with Mojang’s authentication servers.

4- How do I revert to allowing only official Minecraft clients?

To revert, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Open the server.properties file.
  3. Change online-mode=false back to online-mode=true.
  4. Save the file and restart your server.

This will re-enable username verification with Mojang, allowing only official Minecraft clients to join.

5- Can I switch between online and offline modes without losing my world data?

Yes, changing the online-mode setting in the server.properties file does not affect your world data. You can switch between online and offline modes without losing your saved worlds.

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