YouTuber Catches a Dog in Minecraft & Other Hilarious Glitches in the 1.20.5 Trailer

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Recently, the Minecraft community was abuzz with excitement and amusement when a YouTuber’s sharp observations of quirky glitches—including a peculiarly animated dog in Minecraft—quickly became a viral sensation.

The video commentary dissected the update’s features, particularly focusing on the newest mob, the Armadillo, and the anticipated canine enhancements.

The video highlighted the excitement around the armadillo, which, beyond its cute appearance, plays a key role in crafting the game’s latest feature: wolf armor.

More importantly, the YouTuber pointed out a visual hiccup involving one of the game’s loyal companions—a dog appearing to have its spine twisted.

Dog in Minecraft Becomes a Trending Topic

The trailer features an array of wolves set to traverse the Badlands biome. However, in a funny twist, the YouTuber observed that the animation showed wolves performing a leap that would typically be impossible in the game, poking fun at the creative liberties taken for cinematic effect.

Following the release of the latest Minecraft update teaser, the community’s response has been overwhelmingly vibrant and diverse.

The video’s playful glitches, especially the “detachable” dog, have sparked a flurry of comments. Fans are particularly entertained by the unexpected animation quirks highlighted by YouTubers, with one viewer likening the disjointed canine to a “Lego piece” and another humorously suggesting the dog might be better suited for “bridging” rather than traditional gameplay.

Amidst the laughter, some viewers took a more analytical approach, pointing out the less obvious inconsistencies within the game’s environment, such as a cactus improperly placed away from the sand.

Aesthetic Pleasures: Dog Skins in Minecraft

dog in minecraft
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The artistic side of Minecraft is never forgotten, and the video pays homage to this with a look at Minecraft’s dog skins. As Mojang introduces eight new wolf variants, players can customize Minecraft companions further, enhancing the visual diversity of their Minecraft worlds.

The review wraps up humorously, highlighting several glitches like a comically deformed wolf and a body-less armadillo. It also commends the trailer’s creative liberties, such as wolves miraculously leaping across chasms—a playful nod to the game’s adventurous essence that adds a layer of fun despite straying from actual game mechanics.

The Minecraft dog reminds us of the vibrant community that thrives around this game, always ready to explore, create, and occasionally laugh at the unexpected quirks that come with every update.


1- What’s new in the Minecraft 1.20.5 update?

Get ready for some cool stuff! Minecraft 1.20.5 Update brings us the Armadillo, some awesome wolf armor, fresh wolf variants, new advancements, and some neat commands. Plus, they’ve squashed some bugs and polished up a few features.

2- How should I get ready for the Minecraft 1.20.5 update?

Before jumping into all the new goodies, make sure to back up your worlds to keep your creations safe. Keep an eye on Minecraft’s official sites or your favorite community hubs so you can snag the update the moment it drops.

Here’s a list of some cool Minecraft servers.

3- Where can I find armadillos in the game now?

Once you’ve updated, head over to the warm biomes like savannas and badlands to spot the new armadillos. They’re not just cute; they’re also key to crafting that new wolf armor.

4- Any glitches or bugs I should watch out for with this update?

With new updates, there’s always a chance something quirky might pop up, like a few animation hiccups or odd placements in the environment. If you see something off, don’t hesitate to report it—it helps make the game better for everyone!

5- What does adding wolf armor mean for my gameplay?

This cool new feature lets you suit up your wolf pals in armor, making them tougher and more helpful whether you’re exploring new territories or diving into a skirmish. It’s a game-changer for how you adventure with your furry friends!

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