Top Minecraft Builds in 2024

Best Minecraft Builds 2024

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While for some players the goal of Minecraft is to build up your strength to defeat the Ender Dragon, for many others the goal is to build something magnificent. The top Minecraft builds in 2024 are a mixture of emulating scenes from real life and fantasy.

To be fair, making such magnificent builds in Survival is amazingly difficult so most are made in Creative. But, the fact you had unlimited resources doesn’t overshadow the effort and creativity used for these projects.

For our selection, we have taken five magnificent builds and can’t wait to try them out in the game from ground level. Hopefully they will be available at some of the top Minecraft servers soon.

What Makes a Top Minecraft Build?

This is the hardest question anyone could ask. While the end ruling is subjective, there are a few objective parameters we can use to determine if one build is better than others.

For farms and Redstone builds it’s easy because we can judge the efficacy of the project. If one produces more in the same amount of ticks, it is objectively better. But, when it comes to aesthetic builds the rules become way more complicated.

For our selection, we used the following five criteria:

  1. Inspiration
    Is the source interesting?
  2. Scale
    How big is the structure?
  3. Executio
    How well it is done in detail?
  4. Floor appeal
    Would it be fun to play?
  5. Coolness factor
    Is it simply cool to look at?

Rule of Cool

It is completely reasonable that some builds in Minecraft aren’t actually usable in the game. Some of the large structures remain mostly empty on the inside and no (sane) person would ever build that in survival even if they had the materials.

But, that doesn’t matter if it’s cool. We all remember the Enterprise-D from Star Trek built in Minecraft over a decade ago. It obviously doesn’t work as a spaceship, but man is it cool.

To start this list we will go with one survival build that needs to be specially mentioned this year. Next, we will go to creative builds, which are more common and thus have more entries.

Best Minecraft Builds in Survival

It is almost impossible to build something on a large scale in Survival. The amount of materials you would need to source requires months and months of exploring, digging, smelting, and coloring.

And, if you are not playing in “peaceful” you will get jumped by creepers more often than you’d like.

This is why our special submission is this amazing build!

Paris Lights

By u/bluefire890

According to the creator, they took almost a year to build this to the level it’s at. They have managed to build the central arrondissements in Paris and it looks amazing.

It is all done in survival, so some aesthetic choices needed to be made for simplicity, but it is still a remarkable amount of work and we would love to visit this server and see the sights of Minecraft Paris.

Best Minecraft Builds in Creative

Honestly, while we placed numbers on this list there should be a debate about which one is the best from the four we picked.

All of these builds not only look amazing from afar and have wonderful style but also look like somewhere we would like to play.

#1 Greek Island Nation

By u/TheMango

Although such an island city (technical name is: nissipolis) didn’t ever exist, this really looks like a city from the Hellenic period. Not classical antiquity because the Colosseum was something brought by the Romans, but we shouldn’t nitpick.

There might also be a visual mod for this, because it’s so sunny and well lit. But, it can just be the amazing blend of colors.

The colors are amazing, the whole city is wonderfully thought through and this would be an amazing place to play in a story or even survival setting where you would need to defend your city-state from barbarian invaders.

#2 Bustling English Town

By u/Individual_Club8110

This Minecraft build looks frighteningly accurate and looks like it’s right out of Georgian-era England. The high towers, the narrow streets, and secret passages all over are something you can expect in such towns even in real life and it is perfectly recreated in Minecraft.

It would be great to play a steam-punk-themed story mode in this setting.

#3 Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

By u/pixelbiesterofficial

Habibi, come to Dubai! Minecraft Dubai that is! In Dubai, they also build hotels as if they are playing in Creative Mode, and this hotel recreation is virtually perfect.

In real life, this hotel is situated at the top of Palm Island and gives an amazing view, and I wonder if the same view can be seen from the top of this build. Hopefully, the creator will share his seed so we can check it out soon.

#4 Rosenbridge

By u/dancsa222

While some people would see this build and immediately think of Chongqing, China, where there is a neighborhood built on a bridge, I think of the story “Dropped in Fantasy” where there is the whole fantasy town on an ancient bridge.

The name is an homage to Nathan Rosen, an American physicist, but this build has been in the mind of everyone who ever listened to or read that story.


Each of these Minecraft builds oozes creativity and it is simply amazing anyone would think of this, let alone plan it out and execute it. And, the best thing is that 2024 is not even half over. So, there is a good chance that even more builds will be included in the top Minecraft builds in 2024.

If you know about other amazing builds or would love to chat about the ones chosen, hit us up on our Discord.


Q: What is the best build in Minecraft?

A: It’s subjective, but people built all kinds of cool stuff including the Titanic, Minas Tirith, or the entirety of Kingslanding from Song of Ice and Fire.

Q: What is the biggest Minecraft build?

A: Project “Build the Earth” holds the Guinness world record for the biggest Minecraft build. It was (almost) finished in 2022 and is a 1-1 replica of the Planet.

Q: How many elytra there are in Minecraft?

A: Virtually infinite. Each End City ship has an Elytra and there could be an infinite number of End City ships. Not every End City has a ship though.

Q: Can you build your house in the Nether in Minecraft?

A: Technically, but you wouldn’t be able to sleep and set your Nether house as your respawn point. You can build it around the portal connecting it to your Overworld base.

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