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5 Best Features of Minecraft 1.21 Update

The Minecraft 1.21 Update brings a lot of exciting new features to the game, making it more thrilling and engaging for players. Let’s delve into some of the best features of this latest update. By far the biggest update are the new trial chambers. This is meant to be a

3 Easy Ways to Find out Cheaters on Your Server

Cheaters always think that they are slick. But, it’s very easy to find out cheaters on your server by the very way they act. They are never patient, careful, or good at the game. If they were, they wouldn’t need to cheat. Modern Minecraft cheats work by fudging the client

5 Amazing Novelties with the Minecraft 1.20.5 Update

While the new Minecraft 1.20.5 update was noticed because of the adorable armadillo on the cover art, the launch itself didn’t make a splash. Namely, everyone was so focused on the major update which is incoming on June 13th that few bothered exploring what this minor update had to offer.

3 Great Reasons Why Shaders are Worth it

Technically speaking, shaders and other resource packs could be counted as mods for Minecraft. The difference is that shaders focus specifically on light sources and how they work with the rest of the game. Many might think that such a small difference wouldn’t do much for the game, but they

5 Most Important Starting Items in Minecraft

When starting out in Minecraft, whether in hardcore or survival mode, having the right starting items can make a significant difference. In hardcore mode, where survival is more challenging, prioritizing defense is essential. A shield can be a lifesaver, offering protection against hostile mobs and projectiles. Additionally, a fishing rod

3 Fastest Ways to Open a Nether Portal in Minecraft

With the cave revamp we have seen in 1.19 and the changes made in 1.20, there are some difference on how quickly you can find obsidian. Also, there is a question if you would be able to mine it. We will disclose which are the fastest ways to open a

Minecraft Movie

Minecraft Movie: Will it be Amazing or Disappointing?

Last weekend Minecraft celebrated its 15th birthday. The festivities were entertaining, but the biggest announcement was the release date of the Minecraft Movie in April 2025. The lead roles, Jack Black and Jason Mamoa revealed it together over a blocky cake. From what we know, the filming has just ended

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5 Ways to Pick the Best Minecraft Servers

Playing Minecraft online makes the already good game great. Playing with friends, having joint goals and trying to beat not only the game but other factions as well is an amazing experience. And, the best Minecraft servers are exactly those who let us do such things. The problem is that

Hardcore Minecraft

Is Minecraft Hardcore Worth It?

Playing the survival mode might sound challenging, but with Minecraft Hardcore you can not only die in-game, but only once per world. If you die in the Hardcore mode your entire world will be deleted and you will need to start over. If this is not as enticing, you should

Minecraft Skyblock 2024

Best Strategies for Minecraft SkyBlock in Survival

Playing Minecraft SkyBlock might be one of the most entertaining yet easy-going playsets you can use. It’s not dangerous, because you are working on a very small floating island that can’t spawn any mobs right away, but it is challenging. If you are playing Skyblock on one of the best

7 Tricks to Find Structures in Survival in Minecraft 1.20

7 Tricks to Find Structures in Survival in Minecraft 1.20

Every Minecraft world is simply teeming with generated structures. To find structures in Survival, you will need to explore, but there are some tricks that can lead you in the right direction. Structures have a rule how they generate, so you will always find them in a similar place. With

Best Minecraft Builds 2024

Top Minecraft Builds in 2024

While for some players the goal of Minecraft is to build up your strength to defeat the Ender Dragon, for many others the goal is to build something magnificent. The top Minecraft builds in 2024 are a mixture of emulating scenes from real life and fantasy. To be fair, making

Best Minecraft Servers in 2024

Best Minecraft Servers for 2024

How to select the best Minecraft servers online in 2024? Check out our quick guide and you can select any of the amazing servers from our website.

Best Minecraft Mods for 2024

Best Minecraft Mods for 2024

Apart from maybe Skyrim, Minecraft is the most modded game in the world. At least when it comes to playing on PC, new mods are made on an almost daily basis. Some of these are small quality-of-life improvements, some are just bad, but some are the best Minecraft mods in 2024.