Best Minecraft Servers for 2024

Best Minecraft Servers in 2024

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What would be considered the best Minecraft server really depends on what the player is looking for. The best Minecraft servers in 2024 need to be fun and have good mods and additions but also retain stability and support.

Thankfully, the top Minecraft servers in 2024 are all very well-developed. But, that doesn’t mean that we can simply pick any sever from the top. If you are to be spoiled for choice, you can act spoiled.

Expect good stability, enough playing spaces for both you and your friends, and for the game to run smoothly and look good. Only once you have become certain that the server you are playing on will give you hours upon hours of enjoyment you can consider donating and supporting them.

Now we can dwell more into how to pick the MC server you will enjoy.

How to Pick the Best Minecraft Servers?

Because there are so many different types of players, it is virtually impossible to make exact recommendations. Some players might start playing game variants like Bedwars and never even try survival.

The best way to go about it is to check categories and see if each of the boxes is checked and how much you like it. The categories are:

  1. Game selection
  2. Server stability
  3. Server mods
  4. Server rules
  5. Community
  6. Admin support

And, it is in this very order. If there isn’t a good selection, meaning if the game you want to play is not even on the server, everything else is useless. Similarly, if the stability of the server is bad and it kicks you out every 15 minutes you don’t care how amazing the mods look and how good is the community.

Admin support is last and many consider it just the icing on the cake. We all know that most Minecraft server admins are volunteers, but we still want to see some assistance if you have a problem.

Game Selection

There are bound to be some obscure game variants that only a few people can even mention. But, there are some that have become such commonplace that every server should have them.

Primarily, there are survival servers. This is the base game where you can play with others from the server by mining, building, and defending from mobs. Survival can be considered the baseline multiplayer for Minecraft, with Factions servers being its logical next step.

Next, PvP servers, which include many Anarchy servers and Bedwars servers, are for players who are there to compete with others rather than collaborate.

Finally, there are Creative servers, and their variants like SkyBlock servers, Prison servers, Parkour servers, and other minigame servers which are for players who are more in love with the mechanics than with beating other players in the game.

To be honest, there are always new things coming out from both Mojang and the modding community, so testing something which is currently outside of your comfort zone might not be a bad idea.

Server Stability

This is a technical issue that is not directly connected with the player. Server lag and server ping have nothing to do with your device strength or internet connection. And, this all comes down to how many players can be hosted at the same time.

Even individual machines can host just a couple of players. But, if you want to have 5000 players in the same game you will need a dedicated server. For a player, you want to have a server that is stable and will not kick you out due to ping or lag even though it shows there are still a lot of places on the server.

Server Mods

Virtually every server today has mods. Some are very basic optimization and community mods, while some might be very detailed conversion mods. For players, they must be familiar with the mods that are on the server.

If the differences compared to vanilla are slight, this might not be an issue. But, when it comes to optimization mods, it might be better to have them installed on your device as well. If you don’t, you can lose functionality and even be unable to use your new skins.

Most prominent servers will have a detailed list of included mods or server specifics. Some might even have special mods which prevent cheating. As a player, you need to make sure that you are okay with all of those mods being included.

Server Rules

Server rules can be whatever server admins decide. And, while for some servers you will shake your head in disbelief at what the rules are, for other players that might be exactly what they are looking for.

Most servers have some rules against toxic behavior and doxing. But, 18+ servers will allow some profanity and adult language, while there are also family-friendly servers that would ban those things immediately.

Still, in most cases, if you are a good person and behave in the game as you would IRL there wouldn’t be any problems.


While there are a lot of players who basically want to play single player with others around and don’t even communicate, others will want to make friends. The gaming community is the main reason why people play Minecraft on large and notable servers and it’s what brings the most joy in multiplayer.

If you can find a server with people who are kind, helpful, and fun to play with you can consider you’ve found diamonds before even making the crafting table.

Admins and Support

How good are the moderators and the admins is usually not something people think about before they need to. To prevent leaving your entire game just because of minor issues you should check out the quality of the moderators and the admins before you start.

This doesn’t need to be anything big, but ask for help in the very beginning and see how fast they respond. If it’s an honest question and they respond with assistance immediately then you’re golden.

Also, ask other players on forums. If you join our Discord server you can ask if anyone knows the admins for the server you want to play, if they are fair, and if they improve the game.


There are more Minecraft servers now than ever before. But, if you want to find the best Minecraft servers for you, you will need to go down a checklist. Making sure that what you want is being offered, that the server is stable, and that you will enjoy yourself can all be done before you even begin.

If you do a bit of research and ask other players you will be sure to have loads of fun playing with people around the world of all different backgrounds, ages, and proclivities.


Q: What is the best Minecraft server?

A: While maybe not the best for all players, the Complex Gaming Minecraft server is currently the most popular one online.

Q: Is the Mineplex Minecraft server still online?

A: No. Running from 2013, the Mineplex server has been shut down since May 2023.

Q: How to join a server in Minecraft?

A: Copy the address from our list which is on the right side. Start your game and enter that address when prompted to join a server. You will join the server world immediately if there is enough space for you.

Q: Is it free to join a Minecraft server?

A: Yes. Joining the server itself is completely free. Most larger servers only give benefits for patrons who donate, but there might be some that are exclusive for patrons and will kick you out if you don’t donate.

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