Best Minecraft Village Seeds 2024 – Java and Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Village Seeds

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Check out some of the best Minecraft village seeds available for both editions!

Survival mode in Minecraft as a complete beginner can be overwhelming. Besides all the resources and items you need to get, you need to worry about your hunger and safety. Especially during nighttime when all the creepy and hostile mobs spawn to kill you.

If you want a cushion that will give you a more manageable start in your adventure, spawning in a village would be a great idea. Whether you want a safe place to spawn in, free resources, or to just explore unique hidden villages in Minecraft, we got you.

Here are the best Minecraft village seeds for Java and Bedrock Edition this 2024.

Best Minecraft Village Seeds 2024

1. Cherry Grove Mountain Valley

Seed ID: -3812954371438813639 (Bedrock)

There is a beautiful village situated in a valley amidst cherry groves and mountains. It offers peaceful views and places to trade. However, there are some surprising discoveries hidden beneath the village’s surface. You can find an igloo that leads to a secret basement with an Ancient City, and a stronghold with a geode-crashed End Portal. This is one of the best Minecraft village seeds because of both its underground and surface wonders.

2. Circle Mountain with Mansion and Village 

Seed ID: 17986988 (Java) 

A mountain that surrounds a village and woodland mansion. The village is spread out alongside the mansion and up the mountainside. It offers a variety of features such as farms and alleys. Inside the mansion, you can find sheep, farms, and even a village building on the second floor, which provides stunning views from the top. Beneath it all, there is an ancient city that adds depth to the already impressive spawn area.

3. Village Between 2 Temples

Seed ID: 925848250 (Java)

This seed features a village sandwiched between two temples. Near the spawn, a jungle temple sits close to the village, offering chests behind a lever wall and at the temple’s back. The village boasts a lush ravine and a blacksmith, providing more loot opportunities. Additionally, a desert temple nearby contains four chests at its bottom, making it a perfect spot for quick loot in Minecraft. 

4. Ocean Ruins Village

Seed ID: -1583837582455981934 (Bedrock)

An Ocean Ruins Village. This seed spawns on a frozen ocean village island where villagers have decided to build their houses on the site of some old ocean ruins. The ruins have combined with many of the houses resulting in some interesting interior design. If you’re looking to brush up on some suspicious gravel, this is the perfect village spawn for archeologists! 

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5. Ruined Portal Village


Seed ID: 80874787 (Java)

A ruined portal village, a favorite type of seed for many. Villagers seem to have built around the eroded portal over time, creating a unique scene. Explore the sunken portal and find both types of golden apples in the chest. Enjoy the village’s buildings partly submerged in water, including a blacksmith’s shop with loot to grab. 

6. Desert Village with Jungle Temple

Seed ID: 2526851482 (Java) 

An intriguing seed where biomes clash, showcasing a jungle temple amidst a desert village. The stark contrast in colors and styles between the structures is striking, especially inside the temple with its unique sandstone features. 

7. House Inside a Mountain

Seed ID: -1787412067 (Bedrock) 

Featuring a house deep inside a mountain cave! It’s a rare sight to see a house nestled so far underground. Consider the villager’s plight, living in perpetual darkness and fending off mobs. Join the effort to illuminate the cave, keep the villagers company, establish underground farms, and create a safe path back to the mountain-top village. It’s an exciting challenge to undertake in Minecraft for those seeking adventure underground.

8. Near the Lake Village

Seed ID: 2435568780312264602 (Bedrock)

Near a stunning lake lies a charming village that is a true treasure trove for archaeologists. The village boasts paths that lead to ancient ruins by the water, providing a scenic and exciting opportunity to uncover valuable treasures. There are inviting caves nearby to explore. In the center of the lake, one can find a long outpost and a sinkhole that reveal hidden water sources and mineshafts.

9. Ice Spikes Igloo Village

Seed ID: 2852318900 (Java)

Ice spikes and a village nearby, surrounded by massive mountains. The mix of ice spikes within the village adds to its wintery vibe, creating a cool look. Additionally, find an igloo seamlessly integrated into the village, complete with a basement for transforming zombie villagers. 

10. Rare Village in Bamboo Jungle 

Seed ID: 80980790 (Bedrock)

A rare village nestled deep within the bamboo jungle, a first-time find entirely within this biome. If you love bamboo wood and jungle villagers, this village offers a fun place to settle. The dense vegetation provides natural protection, making it a haven from nighttime creatures. It’s an exciting spot to call home and enjoy the unique surroundings in Minecraft.

11. Triple Village

Seed ID: 1024009 (Java)

Discover a plains village with numerous buildings packed closely together. Adjacent to this village are two others: one to the northeast, a rare zombie village, albeit small, and another to the southwest, a typical plains village of decent size featuring a blacksmith. Explore this triple village seed for varied experiences and the chance to collect loot from the blacksmith. 

12. Village in a Hole

Seed ID: -2677366336902971156 (Java)

Near spawn lies a plains village extending into a river and forest, with a ruined portal nearby offering loot opportunities. Northeast of spawn, discover a unique village generated within a cave, accompanied by a nearby mineshaft. The village’s cave setting gives it a distinctive appearance, resembling a mining village. 

13. Ruined Portal Village  

Seed ID: -2298687720752602108 (Bedrock) 

Explore this loot-rich spawn featuring a jungle village intertwined with three other structures. A Ruined Portal merges with some houses, while a Pillager Outpost overlooks the villagers. Nearby, a Jungle Temple holds hidden treasures. This unique generation creates an impressive jungle temple archway leading into the village. Plus, encounter a villager stuck in Netherrack, adding to the excitement. Load up this seed and lend a hand to the stranded villager.

14. Mansion Village 

Seed ID: 32675384139 (Java) 

This village sits on a meadow hill, creating intriguing scenery. Notice how close it is to the mansion nearby. The mansion’s entrance is impressive, with alleys on the bottom floor. Upstairs, discover an arena room with loot at the top. Don’t miss the hidden room on the top floor, containing another chest of loot. It’s a fascinating spot to explore in Minecraft, offering various surprises and treasures to discover.

15. Island Village

Seed ID: 4235011 (Java) 

Explore an island village, a timeless favorite in Minecraft. Searching for these villages is always enjoyable, and this seed delivers a village nestled on one side of the island and another on the opposite side. Additionally, the village boasts three separate church buildings, adding to its charm. 

Try Out The Best Minecraft Village Seeds

Those are the best Minecraft village seeds for 2024. Hop into the game and try them out. Feel free to explore them and discover what secrets and surprises each of these secret villages hold.

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