Best Minecraft Mods for 2024

Best Minecraft Mods for 2024

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Apart from maybe Skyrim, Minecraft is the most modded game in the world. At least when it comes to playing on PC, new mods are made on an almost daily basis. Some of these are small quality-of-life improvements, some are just bad, but some are the best Minecraft mods in 2024.

By using mods, Minecraft could be changed to a completely unrecognizable game. And, if you go overboard with mods and Redstone builds you might need a machine that could house a singularity-level AI.

Because of this wide divide in mods, we will be using 3 factors to determine five of the best MC mods in 2024:

  • Wide appeal
  • Good execution
  • Fun factor

Other mods might be appealing to someone in particular. But, for the five we are showcasing today virtually everyone will have a good experience checking out these top Minecraft mods, many of which are available on the Minecraft servers we feature.

What Makes the Best Minecraft Mod?

There is a long-standing debate about what makes a good Minecraft mod. There are plenty of new mods all the time and many have fans in different niches. There seems to be an equal split between the volume of content, execution, and innovation.

Some MC players believe in the maxim that “more is more”. Give me more crafting, more mobs, more dungeons… and make everything big. There is nothing wrong here but there is always a chance that a mods that tries to do everything does nothing well enough.

Execution focuses on how well the new mod mechanics work. If there is an improvement to the game, it’s a good mod. But, the question here is how many of such small compatible mods you should run to see a difference from vanilla?

Finally, you might want your mod to do something new, something you haven’t seen in Minecraft before. If a Minecraft mod can surprise you in a fun way, it is possible to run a whole new survival world just because of a single mod.

But, let us now focus on our picks for the Best MC Mods in 2024 and see which ones have secured their place on the top.

Our Pick for Best Minecraft Mods in 2024

Before we start with the list, it should be noted that we have tried to exclude some of the vastly popular and celebrated mods that were here in the past.

Although mods like Sodium (DOWNLOAD CUSEFORGE) did receive an update this year, anyone interested in mods usually already tested this gem.

Other visual mods like Optfine are also excluded because they have become a standard at this point. Such mods are undoubtedly great but could be considered basic at this point and will usually work with all of the mods from our current list.

Without delays, let’s jump to the top Minecraft mods list for 2024:

#1 All the Mods 9

  • Author: ATMTeam
  • Download count: +6.5 million
  • Download HereCurseForge

This choice might be considered a cop-out right off the bat, as it is technically a mod pack. But, there is a reason why it has over 6.5 million downloads. This mod contains hundreds of smaller compatible mods from the past that have all proven to be good.

If you are just starting with mods for Minecraft this is the perfect place to start. It is a collection of a lot of relatively obscure but nonetheless amazing mods that improve gameplay greatly and work with all of your skins.

#2 Better Minecraft Version 4

Image by SHXRKIE
  • Author: SHXRKIE
  • Download count: +2.6 million
  • Download HereCurseForge

If you ever played vanilla Minecraft and wondered “Why can’t I do X here”, this is the mod for you. It has so many quality-of-life improvements and logical additions that it simply makes the game better for everyone, in every aspect.

For beginners and veterans alike, this is a must-play mod. And, if you haven’t tried the new version you should check it out as soon as possible.

#3 Fabulously Optimized

Image by ThePumpkinPigs#0054
  • Authorrobotkoer
  • Download count: 2.4 million
  • Download HereCurseForge

Are you playing Minecraft on your ancient laptop? Does it sound as if you will achieve liftoff from the cooling fan every time you run through the overworld in the game? If so, this is the perfect mod for you.

Fabulously optimized reduces the requirements for both vanilla and mods by quite a bit and makes the frame rates faster and the textures smoother. While it doesn’t provide a lot of content, it will allow you to download much more mods than you would be able without it.

#4 RLCraft

  • Author: Shivaxi
  • Download count: 20.1 million
  • Download HereCurseForge

Have you ever tried playing Dark Souls with a blindfold and gag because the regular punishment isn’t enough for you? If your answer is an exciting “Yes” then RLCraft is a mod made just for you.

I believe that this is what people refer to as “Difficulty: Asian”. Although I haven’t noticed that you can die of emotional damage, every other type is included. There is thirst, injuries, temperature, and many other things.

Also, there is a whole gaggle of new mobs that will try to kill you at any moment, day or night, sun or rain. Your job here is to survive, and your success in that will be… limited.

If you can’t tell, it’s amazing.

#5 Towns and Towers

  • AuthorBiban_Auriu
  • Download count: 18.8 million
  • Download HereCurseForge

Is your first instinct in Minecraft to find a village and defend it? If so, this is the best MC mod you can use. It brings in loads of new structures that seamlessly integrate into the overworld and let you contribute to the squidface society in a more meaningful way.

The structures are amazing, but so is the number of pillagers you will encounter, so you should build some walls sooner rather than later.

Final Words

This is, by no means, an extensive list. With thousands of good MC mods out there it is virtually impossible to check each and every one.

If you have issues with our list, or you would like us to check something new, you can contact us on our Discord server and tell us all about it.


Q: How to Install Minecraft Mods?

A: Download a mod to a folder you will remember. If you are using CurseForge or a similar site, you can use their installer.

If you are installing mods manually, go to the “Installation” tab in the Minecraft launcher and select the folder with the mod. When you run the game it will have the mod installed.

Q: Are Minecraft Mods Free?

A: Almost all MC mods are completely free. The only exceptions are mods that run on particular servers that accept only patrons of those servers. But, even those mods could be downloaded for free to play on your device.

Q: How to Install Minecraft Forge?

A: Make sure you are using the official Minecraft Forge website so as not to download malware. You can use THIS LINK to download the most recent version

Q: How to Install Minecraft Mods on Xbox?

A: As there is no native option to download MC mods for Xbox, you will need to use the app called “Expansion for Explorers” to add mods manually.

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