3 Easy Ways to Find out Cheaters on Your Server

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Cheaters always think that they are slick. But, it’s very easy to find out cheaters on your server by the very way they act. They are never patient, careful, or good at the game. If they were, they wouldn’t need to cheat.

Modern Minecraft cheats work by fudging the client of the game, which is the data which is on the device. By changing how clicks, shapes, or skin properties work you can get a clear advantage compared to other players.

If the cheater is careful and doesn’t overuse their advantage it would be virtually impossible for figure them out. But, because so many of them rely on cheats it is possible for any admin to figure them out and ban them very quickly.

In PvP they will always 1v5 people, when digging they will go straight from diamonds to diamonds, and when moving they will fly over water. Even on a private server you can find out cheaters as soon as you pay attention, and on the best Minecraft servers this will happen almost instantly.

How do Cheaters on Your Server Operate?

Cheaters on your server may employ various tactics to gain an unfair advantage over other players. In PvP scenarios, they may use modified clients or hacked clients to enhance their combat capabilities, allowing them to inflict more damage, move faster, or have an unfair advantage in combat.

Additionally, cheaters may use digging cheats to quickly excavate resources or navigate through terrain, bypassing the game’s intended mechanics. Movement cheats enable cheaters to move faster or teleport across the game world, allowing them to outmaneuver other players or reach inaccessible areas.

On the server itself, this will look like a glitch or a lag. And, if it happens for someone from time to time it is probably just a question of ping. But no lag is constant and consistent. If you see someone having a pattern of glitches, you will find out cheaters right there 100% of the time.

find cheaters on your server
You can find cheaters on your survival server by the fact that they act as if it’s creative.

PvP Cheats

In PvP scenarios, cheaters may use aimbots to automatically target and attack opponents with extreme precision, giving them an unfair advantage in combat. They may also use reach hacks to extend their attack range beyond normal limits, making it difficult for other players to defend themselves or retaliate effectively.

Thankfully, this is very easy to figure out.

Namely, if you notice that one of the players is not aiming in the right direction and still managing to make every hit, you will know what is up. Use of the so-called “kill aura” is very known by now and you can notice it from a mile away.

Digging Cheats

Digging cheats allow players to excavate resources at an accelerated rate or bypass the usual limitations of mining, giving them an unfair advantage in resource collection and terrain manipulation. Cheaters may use x-ray mods or texture packs to see through the ground and locate valuable ores and resources easily.

Even if you don’t see the process, you can find out cheaters by the result alone. Unlike normal digging, x-ray digging is always direct and efficient, changing levels and sides as to go straight to the diamonds. Nobody who digs normally would ever do thing.

One other fun fact is that they don’t use as many torches because they know that there isn’t a spooky cave somewhere around them.

Movement Cheats

Movement cheats can enable players to move at impossible speeds, walk on water, or teleport to different locations within the game world. These cheats can disrupt the game’s balance and fairness by allowing cheaters to evade pursuit or reach distant locations with minimal effort.

At a glance, this looks like a glitch. But if you observe them longer you will notice that they are not swimming quickly on the surface, but flying slightly over it much faster than they would even with a dauphin.

Once you find out cheaters who act this way, you can be quick to just kick them out. Even if they “don’t hurt anyone”, movement cheats are still cheats and they shouldn’t be allowed on any server.

How to Stop Cheaters on Your Server?

Stopping cheaters on your server requires a multi-faceted approach that combines proactive monitoring, clear enforcement of rules, and the use of anti-cheat tools. Regularly reviewing server logs and player reports can help identify and investigate suspicious behavior. Using anti-cheat server plugins is usually an easy way to find out cheaters as well.

Additionally, implementing anti-cheat plugins and tools tailored to detect specific cheating methods can serve as a deterrent and aid in catching cheaters. Enforcing strict consequences for cheating, such as temporary or permanent bans, sends a clear message that unfair play is not tolerated on the server.

Educating the player community about the impact of cheating and the importance of fair play can help create a culture of integrity and accountability. By fostering a positive gaming environment where cheating is discouraged and promptly addressed, players are more likely to uphold ethical gameplay standards. Creating a reporting system that allows players to flag suspected cheaters and providing channels for transparent communication can empower the community to actively contribute to maintaining a cheat-free server.


Identifying, understanding, and addressing cheating on your server is crucial for preserving the integrity and enjoyment of the gaming experience. By staying informed about cheating methods, actively monitoring player activities, and implementing anti-cheat measures, server admins can effectively combat cheating.

Fostering a community that values fair play and upholding clear and enforceable rules contributes to a positive gaming environment where players can enjoy the game without the disruptive influence of cheaters.

If you have some other ideas how to catch cheaters, let us know on our Discord server.


Q: What are some common signs of cheating to look out for on my server?

A: Sudden and unexplained advancements, irregular player behavior, and disproportionate performance in PvP encounters can be indicative of cheating.

Q: How can I encourage players to report suspected cheaters?

A: Establish clear reporting channels, offer incentives for reporting cheating, and assure players that their feedback is taken seriously and will be acted upon.

Q: Are there specific anti-cheat plugins or tools you recommend for server admins?

A: There are various anti-cheat plugins and tools available for different game platforms. It’s important to research and choose tools that are compatible with your server and address the prevalent cheating methods in your gaming community.

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