10 Best Free Plugins For Minecraft Server

Free Plugins For Minecraft Server

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Looking for the best free plugins for Minecraft server? Here are our top picks!

Customizing your Minecraft world is exciting, especially when you want to add cool new features. From teleporting to receiving starter items, there’s so much to explore. Thus, using plugins makes it all possible. They’re like the secret sauce that shapes your server’s vibe, from minigames to survival challenges. 

With thousands of plugins available on platforms like Spigot, finding the right ones can feel overwhelming. Plus, looking for 100% free yet very useful and worthwhile plugins can also be head-cracking right? 

As I know the struggle of choosing the right plugins and being overwhelmed by countless options, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best free plugins just for you.

10 Best Free Plugins for Minecraft Server

1. Maze Generator

If you love mazes like me, then this plugin for Minecraft servers would really sweep you off your feet. It’s super cool and easy to use. With just one simple command, you can create mazes for anything you want. You can always reach any point in the labyrinth from anywhere, and it doesn’t slow down your server.  

It offers different tools like squares, circles, and triangles to design your maze, and you can adjust the size of walls and paths. This plugin sparks creativity and exercises your mind, making it one of the best free Minecraft plugins.

2. Script

This plugin is just amazing because you have it all in one. With Skript, you can create simple commands or entire mini-games in Minecraft. You can develop custom commands, functions, GUI menus, and more using this easy coding language.

However, you need to write scripts, so understanding its basic code is necessary. While it has some limitations, Skript can outperform other large plugins. It’s easy for simple tasks but also powerful enough for complex creations, making it a top choice as a free plugin.

3. Mythic Mobs

Mythic Mobs is an awesome Minecraft plugin that adds mythical creatures and tough mobs to your game. You can create custom mobs with it, adjusting things like speed, health, and behavior.  Many servers use it to offer a special experience. 

Any mobs I want to put, whether it’s dragons, unicorns, or other creatures, Mythic Mobs got me covered. So satisfying that I discovered this kind of plugin, you should try it too! 

4. GeyserMC

A popular plugin for Minecraft servers. It lets Bedrock Edition players join Java Edition servers, enabling cross-play. Geyser works like a translator, converting data between Bedrock and Java servers. It’s free and easy to use, making it a favorite for a lot of Minecraft players including me.  

However, it does have some limitations because Bedrock and Java Minecraft have differences. Still, it’s a fantastic plugin for bringing players together from different versions of the game, making it one of the best free plugins around.

5. Realistic Survival

Realistic Survival is like the famous RLcraft modpack for Minecraft but in plugin form. It enhances survival, adventure, RPG, and immersion in vanilla Minecraft. It has various modules, like Baubles and Spartan Weaponry, each adding unique items and mechanics. 

It makes Minecraft more realistic that before getting your first log, you need some crazy materials. This plugin makes survival a lot more challenging and exciting, making it one of my top picks. 

6. Grief Prevention

This plugin for Minecraft servers is superb because we all know how far down one can plummet when overcome with rage and grief. That’s why I use it on all our servers. Grief Prevention lets you protect your home or area from being destroyed by other players. 

Just a few clicks and your place is safe. You can even add friends to build together. It’s essential for anyone who wants a nice, peaceful survival experience without the threat of a griefer destroying hours, perhaps days of hard work.

7. Better Structures

A cool plugin for Minecraft that adds more structures to your world. You can use it in the Overworld, Nether, and End, so everywhere gets a makeover. You can download custom structures from the creator for free or make your own. 

With Better Structures, your Minecraft world becomes more diverse and interesting. It’s an exciting plugin that lets you customize your game without any hassle. I enjoyed Better Structures whether I’m exploring new areas or building my own, making it one of the best free plugins for Minecraft.. 

8. NotBounties

This plugin for Minecraft servers is perfect for players like me, who love action and adventure. NotBounties is a plugin inspired by bounty hunters, like those in One Piece and Star Wars. You can put a price on a player’s head, and if someone else kills them, they get the reward. But what’s cool are the wanted posters it generates. They add a fun twist to the game. 

It’s one of the best Minecraft free plugins because it adds excitement and challenges to player interactions. Just like in One Piece and Star Wars, where bounty hunters chase after targets, this plugin adds a similar thrill to Minecraft making it one of the best. 

9. TAB

The TAB free plug in for Minecraft is really convenient. It’s an all-in-one tool for displaying info in different places in Minecraft. It beats other plugins with its features, compatibility, and speed. 

You can customize it easily, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. It handles things like tab lists, scoreboards, name tags, and boss bars. It’s free and packed with features, so you don’t need lots of plugins for the same stuff. I use it on all my servers because it’s just that good. 

10. DeluxeMenus

As a player who loves to customize everything personally. DeluxeMenus comes as my favorite plugin because it lets my imagination run wild and I can create anything I want. Through this plugin, you create custom menus in Minecraft, from simple server selectors to complex games. 

Whether you want a special hub menu, a menu for moderators, or warps, DeluxeMenus can make it happen. Just assign commands to items, and when you click them, things happen. It’s super cool and opens up endless possibilities in your game. Though it might take a bit to set up, once you do, it’s amazing. 


Plugins can work like magic for your Minecraft server, enhancing its atmosphere and expanding its capabilities. With thousands available, selecting the best ones can seem daunting. That’s why I’ve made sure that my list of 10 best free Plugins has everything you need and is worth having. Feel free to explore the options and add some excitement to your Minecraft experience.

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