10 Rarest Minecraft Structures and Where to Find Them

Rarest Minecraft Structures

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Want to find a new spot for your next escapade? Check out these rarest Minecraft structures!

See yourself in a world where you can do whatever you want! You can build, break, and explore freely while discovering all sorts of mobs, biomes, and structures.

While the typical Villager’s Hut isn’t really a head-turner, some structures in Minecraft are completely breathtaking and as rare as a naturally-charged creeper.

These hard-to-find structures often have the coolest and best treasures you could attain. Sometimes you might need special maps or items to locate them. But when you do find them, it’s worth the effort and time! 

This article will show you the Top 10 Rarest Structures in Minecraft for you to look out for! If you want to enjoy these structures to the fullest, make sure you check out the best Minecraft mod packs for a more immersive experience.

10. Ocean Monument

Rarest Minecraft Structures

Ocean monuments in Minecraft are rare and are found only in deep ocean biomes. These structures house unique mobs, such as guardians and the Elder Guardian boss, and contain special underwater blocks and treasures like sponges. Although exploring these monuments is dangerous, it is also rewarding due to the exclusive items and mobs found there. 

9. Buried Treasure

Buried treasure maps in Minecraft are found only in shipwrecks and ocean ruins. These underwater structures are often inhabited by dangerous mobs such as Drowned. These maps lead to buried treasure chests on beaches or sometimes ocean floors. Buried treasure holds very valuable loot, sometimes even including the elusive Heart of the Sea, a rare item used in the crafting of conduits.

8. Pillager Outpost

Pillager outposts are rare and dangerous structures in Minecraft and are home to hostile pillagers. They consist of smaller buildings, with a tall watchtower that often contains loot. Occasionally, you’ll find traps like iron golem cages. Though they might not seem valuable, these outposts can be used to create powerful raid farms, producing emeralds, gunpowder, and totems. Their danger and utility make them significant despite their smaller size.

7. Igloo

In the snowy tundra of Minecraft, you might come across an igloo. These small, simple structures can be deceptive. Some igloos conceal a secret trap door under the carpet, leading to a basement with a villager curing station, a golden apple, and a weakness potion. This hidden feature makes igloos one of the coolest and rarest structures in the game, adding an element of mystery and lore that many players love.

6. Stronghold

Strongholds are crucial in Minecraft because they contain the end portal, which leads to the final boss, the Ender Dragon. These underground mazes have libraries and jails filled with secrets and loot. It’s a challenge to find them because there are only 128 in each vast Minecraft world. With a surface area larger than Earth’s, strongholds are truly rare, making their discovery and exploration a thrilling journey for players aiming to conquer the game’s ultimate challenge.

5. Fossil

Fossils in Minecraft are incredibly rare and buried underground. Finding one is considered lucky, as they spawn so infrequently. Interestingly, the rarity led some players to create their own versions. While fossils don’t have much practical use, players can collect extra bone meal from them. Despite not being on the list of essential finds, stumbling upon a fossil adds to the excitement of exploration in Minecraft. 

4. Jungle Temple

Jungle temples in Minecraft have become increasingly rare over time. Initially common, they’re now harder to find. Inside, you’ll encounter mossy cobblestone and two treasure chests. One chest is guarded by a tripwire trap with arrows, and the other by a lever puzzle. The hidden treasures and interesting adventures this structure can offer, make jungle temples one of the coolest and rarest structures in the game. 

3. Woodland Mansion

Woodland mansions are the largest and one of the rarest structures in Minecraft, located only in dark forest biomes, often thousands of blocks from the spawn point. These multi-level buildings are filled with unique rooms and dangerous mobs. Exploring them is both thrilling and perilous, with valuable rewards awaiting those who dare. To find one, it’s best to get a map from a cartographer villager. 

2. Ancient City

Ancient Cities, introduced in Minecraft 1.19, are extremely rare and always found underground in deep dark biomes. These massive structures house unique items in chests that can’t be found elsewhere. Exploring them is very dangerous due to sculk blocks that can summon the Warden. As one of the newest and largest underground structures, their rarity and the high-risk, high-reward nature make Ancient Cities a significant and thrilling discovery.

1. End City

End Cities are perhaps Minecraft’s rarest structure, requiring players to first locate a stronghold, activate the end portal, and defeat the Ender Dragon. Using an ender pearl, players can reach the outer End Islands to find these cities. End Cities feature unique purple blocks, shakers, and incredibly valuable loot. Some even contain an End Ship, which is the home to the rare elytra wings. The challenge and rewards make End Cities the pinnacle of rare Minecraft structures.

Rarest Minecraft Structures: FAQs

What is the rarest room in Minecraft? 

In Minecraft, the “Lava Room” is considered the rarest and biggest secret room, often discovered within Woodland Mansions. It features obsidian glass walls and houses a central pool of lava with a hidden diamond block. This room is extremely rare, making encountering it a stroke of luck. Despite its difficulty to access due to the lava, the reward of a diamond block makes it worthwhile for players brave enough to tackle the challenge.

Is there only one Woodland Mansion? 

No, there is not just one Woodland Mansion in Minecraft. Although they are rare, multiple Woodland Mansions can be generated in a single Minecraft world. However, they are typically scattered far apart from each other, making them challenging to locate. Players may need to explore extensively or use maps obtained from cartographer villagers to find them.


Discovering the rarest Minecraft Structures is exhilarating, isn’t it? Discovering them in your own game would surely be a memorable Minecraft experience. They may be difficult to find, but I guarantee that it’s worth it when you do! Keep exploring in the right biomes and places, and you will stumble upon one of these rarest structures.

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