Minecraft Movie: Will it be Amazing or Disappointing?

Minecraft Movie

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Last weekend Minecraft celebrated its 15th birthday. The festivities were entertaining, but the biggest announcement was the release date of the Minecraft Movie in April 2025. The lead roles, Jack Black and Jason Mamoa revealed it together over a blocky cake.

From what we know, the filming has just ended in New Zealand and the film will be entering post-production. This comes as a surprise as the movie was announced over a decade ago when Minecraft was still young. Now, it looks like it’s finally here.

The response by the crowd is… divided.

Objectively, this can be fun family movie that will use the existing IP to tell an interesting story. But, it can also be a pure corporate cash grab by Warner and Mojang. As far as the fans go, we know neither are above this.

In the meantime, we have our list of Minecraft Servers and amazing mods to go through, which won’t be exhausted in a year not even by a long shot.

What do We Know About the Minecraft Movie?

As far as the cast goes, there are some good news. The role of Steve will apparently be taken by Jack Black, who already has great success transferring his charisma to animation with movies like Kung Fu Panda which had its 4th part released in March this year to mixed reviews.

Additional cast includes Jason Mamoa, Kate McKinnon, as well as the legendary Jennifer Coolidge. Such a cast alone does have the ingredients to make a memorable comedy.

But, the picture behind the camera is not as bright. Signing as the main producer of the Minecraft Movie is Roy Lee, who’s presence indicates this might not be a comedy at all. He is known for horrors such as “The Ring” and “It” as well as working with Martin Scorsese on “The Departed”.

Envious career, but it might be the wrong genre.

The screenplay is written by Chris Bowman, who is best known to me as the writer of American Dragon: Jake Long. Hopefully he was able to write a story for the Minecraft Movie that will not be just a parade of references but will have some meat on the bones.

There is Still Hope

As shown by the Super Mario Bros. Movie last year, which also featured Jack Black as Bowser, it is possible to make a solid movie from a game which doesn’t have a comprehensive story.

Also, if you dig in deep in both Minecraft official lore and everything imagined by the players, there are some basis for a story. In its essence, Minecraft is an isekai story where you get yeeted into a fantastical world with the goal of defeating the Dragon.

by icrdr via deviantart

Lego or Emoji?

I might be jinxing it by mentioning the obvious, but the Minecraft Movie can go one of two ways. Either it will take a lighthearted approach and focus on the story like the Lego Movie. In that case, a movie set in the Minecraft universe can be amazing. The blocks are just a backdrop here for a much deeper story.

On the inverse, there is the Emoji movie. A mediocre spectacle with a nonexistent plot. But, the Emoji movie did make Columbia pictures money, and that’s why they were there. That’s something that can plausibly happen to the Minecraft Movie as well.

What Do We Expect?

They say that it’s better to be a disappointed pessimist than a disappointed optimist. But, I actually think the Minecraft Movie will be an entertaining time. I’m not expecting a spectacle, but a good family movie you can watch on a Sunday evening.

Most likely it will follow similar adventure plot points as we have seen with the Lego Movie and there might be some crossovers between the animated movie and real life.

Overall, if it doesn’t take itself too seriously and still retains a plot, I will go see it on premiere.

How Minecraft Movie Will Influence the Game

Not at all. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

We might see some skins inspired by the game, as well as some new plushies merch, but that’s about it.

As far as the game goes, there won’t be any differences in the number of players or the popularity of the game. At the moment, roughly 150 million people actively play Minecraft, and the game is always seeing some players leave and later come back when new updates come or they remember the fun they had.

If the movie manages to attract even just the current players to watch it, it will be the biggest box office success in years. The more likely outcome is that it will see commercial success, but without the splash Super Mario Bros. made.

What might happen is that, once it’s out, some of your friends who stopped playing in the last few years give it another try. If you are a person who makes plans, you might want to set up a plan to start a new Minecraft adventure with your friends around April next year.

Peace was never an option… Neytirix via DeviantArt


The best thing about the movie set in the Minecraft universe is that MC players have nothing to lose. The game will not be affected and we can only get an entertaining movie.

Yeah, it probably won’t be anything groundbreaking, but it could be fun.

For players, it’s much more important to see what will come exactly with the 1.21 update and further in the future. We will probably see some changes with enchanting, some changes with the villagers, and probably a change to the weather system, making it more localized.

If the movie is good, some new toys and skins will appear in the game. But, with so many mods, servers, and updates that wouldn’t be anywhere outside of the ordinary for Minecraft.


Q: Who is the villain in the Minecraft Movie?

A: The villain will be the Ender Dragon, allegedly attacking the Overworld.

Q: Who is the toughest enemy in Minecraft?

A: The toughest enemy is the Warden. With 250 hearts of HP, it’s over twice as strong as the Ender Dragon and even above the Wither. In-game, you are not meant to fight it, but rather to avoid it.

Q: How many mobs are there in Minecraft?

A: Currently, there are 31 mobs in Minecraft excluding the players.

Q: Are Illagers and Villagers the same in Minecraft?

A: They are the same species, but the Illagers are considered aggressive and power-hungry.

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