7 Tricks to Find Structures in Survival in Minecraft 1.20

7 Tricks to Find Structures in Survival in Minecraft 1.20

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Every Minecraft world is simply teeming with generated structures. To find structures in Survival, you will need to explore, but there are some tricks that can lead you in the right direction. Structures have a rule how they generate, so you will always find them in a similar place.

With the 1.20 update there are even more structures, such as the pillager towers. But, you should remember that if you are playing on an only world, you will need to travel further and make new blocks generate so that they would generate the new structures.

If you have an elytra, this will be easy because for most of the structures you can simply fly. Get a few fireworks as well and the whole process is as if you are in creative. But, if you are just starting out and don’t have access to end-game gear you will need to travel slowly and methodically.

Find Structures in Survival Organically

There are a lot of players who don’t like using external tools in their game. Additionally, if you are playing on a survival server you might not have access to the seed name or console. In those cases, you will need to find structures in survival the hard way.

Some structures will still be more or less pure luck. Mine shafts generate before other blocks and this can be completely obscured by cobblestone and dirt.

Others are easier, because if you know where to look you can find them sooner rather than later.

1. Use Cartographers

This is a specialized villager that can help you find all sorts of structures in the Overworld. Once you find a village and trade up a bit, you can go to the cartographer and buy explorer maps which will have structures marked on them.

If there isn’t a cartographer in your village, simply make a cartography table and put it in a house, and this specific villager will form. This is the expected way to find structures in Survival

2. Render Distance + Spyglass

The biggest issue with finding structures in Minecraft is all the walking. But, if you get to a high vantage point and set your render distance to the maximum. Adding a spyglass to that you can see quite a bit of the world around you.

Here, even if you don’t see a structure you will find a new vantage point. After a few hops you will find what you are looking for.

Take note that if you are using some of the more demanding visual mods for Minecraft, you might experience some performance issues.

3. Night Vision Potions

Not only would using a night vision potion help you find structures in survival during the night, but it will also help you find underwater structures such as temples and shipwrecks. When you take the potion, the visibility underwater or even from the surface increases dramatically, letting you look around.

From that point just use a raft to explore around and see what is underneath the waves.

4. Torches at Night

Traveling at night in survival might be a bit spooky due to all of the mobs you will stumble upon. But, if you already have some gear this might be the easiest way to find villages or woodland mansions.

By using the spyglass at night, you can see villages glowing up from torches even from a thousand blocks away.

5. Generation Rules

All structures in Minecraft require some rules to form. And, while most won’t be in every biome you stumble upon, some are more frequent than others. This rule makes Ancient Cities in Minecraft the easiest to find.

Ancient Cities are always found in the “Deep Dark”, which is under Y:-51 and always under a huge mountain. If you find a big mountain range and start digging up the middle, you will almost always find an ancient city.

Similarly, a witch hut will always generate in the very middle of the swamp biome. Once you find the biome, you just need to go to the middle and you will find a small wooden structure with the witch inside.

6. Ender Pearl

Ender pearls are ideal for traveling as you can teleport quickly where you can throw the pearl. It is also necessary for finding a key structure in Minecraft, the End Stronghold. Here you can find the end portal and your path towards the Ender Dragon.

Slay some Endermen and take their pearls, throw them in the air and follow where they fly. Once you find where they drop down, you will be over the stronghold and on your path towards the end game.

Via Deviantart by LockRikard

Using External Tools

Minecraft is one of those games where there is zero shame in using external resources. Most MC players have the Wiki opened at all times, simply to check if they haven’t forgotten anything.

In a similar fashion, you can use tools that will help you find structures in survival. Using these tools, you can easily find the coordinates of anything you need and spare yourself from searching.

7. Chunkbase

This is probably the best app available today if you want to find all sorts of locations in your Minecraft world. By using their seed map and entering your seed, you can find anything from generated biomes, villages, ancient cities, jungle temples and many others.

This approach might diminish the exploration factor a bit, but it is no different than finding and buying an explorer map inside the game. This one is just a bit more extensive and shows you exactly what you want to see. You can find structures in survival almost instantly this way

Especially for newer players, using Chunkbase would probably be the best way to as you want to find out more of the features of the game sooner. Once you get the hang of it you can always start exploring without the app.

Final Words

Generated structures are one of the most interesting aspects in Minecraft. Finding structures in Survival can change the whole course of your game. Not only would it give you a village to defend, a pillager outpost to clear out, or an ancient city to explore, but it will also give you inspiration for future builds.

Regardless if you are finding them by using exploration tricks or via external resources, they are always a joy to find. And later disassemble to use the blocks in your own build.

If you have some other ideas, tricks, or comments, join us at our discord.


Q: How to I use F3 to find structures?

The keyboard button F3 opens the HUD for your world. It will show you your coordinates, light levels, game modes, and many other information. By using the coordinates, you can orient yourself and find structures.

Q: What is the rarest structure in Minecraft?

The Stronghold. Always set underground and housing the end portal. In old finite world, there might be only 1 stronghold per world. In infinite worlds, there are 3 strongholds in the circle of 2816 blocks from the world origin.

Q: What is the rarest biome in Minecraft?

The rarest biome is the Mushroom forest, housing the iconic Mooshroom cow and whole blocks of mycelia.

Q: Where to find the Totem of Undying?

The Totem of Undying can be found as a drop when you defeat the Evoker in a Woodland Mansion.

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