5 Ways to Pick the Best Minecraft Servers

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Playing Minecraft online makes the already good game great. Playing with friends, having joint goals and trying to beat not only the game but other factions as well is an amazing experience. And, the best Minecraft servers are exactly those who let us do such things.

The problem is that a toxic server can be even worse than playing single player. Because of this, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and pick out a community where you will have loads of fun and make some fond memories.

Why are Some Servers Considered the Best Minecraft Servers?

In short: they are more fun.

There are two big issues when it comes to servers, and they both have everything to do with who is organizing the server. This will dictate what are the rules and what are the mods used.

For the best Minecraft servers, you will want to avoid those down with the sigma rizz brainrot as well as purists who will make every game toxic. You want someone who loves the games, where rules are enforced just so that you don’t have anyone bothering anyone else and mods introduced if they make the game better.

Structure and Mod Quality

There is a golden middle when it comes to how many mods you want in the game. If there are too many, there is a chance most devices won’t render it properly. But, if there are too few than it is not interesting.

Overall, you want to see some basic visual mods to make the game more appealing. After that, there might be some game mods that would change how everything operates. This is frequently done in places like Skyblock and Parkour so that you can’t just dig your way to the finish line.

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Community and Moderators

This is the core issue of all of the best Minecraft servers. Many’a servers have fallen into oblivion because of the Admin thinking they are a god. They forget that a god without any followers is nothing.

There might also be those moderators and admins that have good intentions but simply can’t find a line between safeguarding players and annoying them. I don’t want my team mates banned because they called me names. If I play like an operated grape someone should call me out on it.

Now to the main part, how to tell the best from the rest? I have practices this approach for a decade now and it always leads to a good result.

How to Find the Best Minecraft Server for You?

It needs to be said that this doesn’t mean that the best server you find will be the universally best server in the world for anyone. This list is more of a flowchart where you go from the top down and start writing off or writing in from any of the top Minecraft servers you can find even on this website.

#1 Language and Community Preferences

This is a simple step 1. Unless you can find your community and people to talk to on a server, there won’t be much of a difference than playing single player. Who you are playing with is the most important thing on a server.

As far as languages go, the biggest “faux pas” is going on a specific language server and insisting they speak English with you. Similarly, if you are on an English-speaking server and insist on speaking another language you can understand how that can be seen as rude.

Pick out people you can communicate with easily, and ideally who share the same values. For instance, being highly competitive might be toxic for some people, but desirable for other. Pick your crowd and you will find the best Minecraft server you can.

#2 Playstyle Preferences

You want the server to have the game modes that you want to play. Regardless if it’s survival, skyblock, or parkour, it’s always a good idea to check what the server offers before you start playing.

Additionally, there might be internal mechanic rules, and you should always consult the server Wiki if it’s available. If it isn’t, that usually means only vanilla rules apply.

#3 Mods and Visuals

As previously mentioned, there is a balance when using mods. Slight visual and performance mods are practically necessary for any larger server. But, make sure that the whole server isn’t playing on some total conversion mod that you know nothing about.

You don’t need to be familiar with the mod to know what might be a deal-breaker for you. If you see something you don’t like, switch to a different choice.

#4 Alone or With Friends

A lot of servers become much more acceptable is you are playing with friends. Generally, you don’t need to care a lot about finding people to play with in game if you are already bringing them in from real life.

Less active servers might be just what you are looking for if you are a group because you won’t be bothered by others and all of your friends will always be able to log in without waiting.

#5 Server Rules

Last but not least, check the server rules. Even if the admins seem nice, if there are some stupid rules in place it might be something you want to avoid.

Basic rules about conduct, or which prevent bullying are to be expected. But, if you see something that instantly makes your eyes wider you should rethink spending time there.

One of such rules is the agreement that the owners of the server can take footage of your avatar and use it for their own purposes. If they are making a YouTube video, you want them to inform you and not profit from your gaming without your express permission.


Finding the right Minecraft server to play on can change your entire experience of the game. Playing in the right community, making friendships and building and exploring together can be immensely entertaining.

Some players have made IRL lifelong friendships from the people they met inside a Minecraft world.


Q: Are Minecraft servers free?

A: Yes. While some servers will charge for special server privileges, accessing the server itself is free.

Q: Can I make my own Minecraft server?

A: Yes. For PC players, you can even host it on your own computer. You simply make a creative world and open it up with your IP address.

Q: How old must you be to enter a Minecraft world?

A: To play Minecraft, you should be at least 10 years of age. And, while it can’t be enforced specifically, some servers might put restrictions up to 15, 18, 21 or even 31.

Q: Why am I banned from a Minecraft server?

A: There doesn’t need to be a reason. All MC servers are considered private and you can be banned at the whim of the server admin. It’s usually because you have broken some server rule and you can usually appeal though the server’s website.

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