5 Best Features of Minecraft 1.21 Update

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The Minecraft 1.21 Update brings a lot of exciting new features to the game, making it more thrilling and engaging for players. Let’s delve into some of the best features of this latest update.

By far the biggest update are the new trial chambers. This is meant to be a new dungeon-type structure that will test the player’s skill. And, unlike current dungeons there will be a puzzle that you will need to solve.

Paired with new spawners, new mobs, and a whole new set of blocks for lighting and decoration, the Minecraft 1.21 update really has potential. And, because how the new features work they will be even more interesting in multiplayer.

It is certain that the best Minecraft servers will run to implement this update as soon as it is out on June 13th 2024.

The Minecraft 1.21 Update Includes a Lot

Most people will focus on the most visible parts of the update. Every player will rush to see the two new major mobs and how the trial chambers work. But, the Minecraft 1.21 update has a lot more to offer.

For instance, there are 20 new paintings that you can generate, all of which are quite enticing. There are also 4 more ambiance sounds and 9 more background music tracks, 3 more enchantments, and even new arrows that give different effects.

Overall, this update is so big that it will take months to explore the majority of what it has to offer.

#1 The Bogged and the Breeze

These are the two completely new mobs that will appear in the Minecraft 1.21 update.

The Bogged will appear both in the swamp biome and in the new trial chambers and it is, for the lack of better words, a skeleton variant. Unlike the regular skeleton, it will shoot poison arrows that give the “poisoned” debuff but they will have less health than the regular skeleton.

Overall, it will be easy to deal with the Bogged if you have a shield, but until then it will make the swamp biome exceedingly dangerous, especially if you are playing Hardcore.

The Breeze may look like the mirror version of the Blaze, but mechanically they are very different. First of all, the AoE attack of the Breeze is much bigger and it can open doors and move levers that are in the vicinity.

The attack itself doesn’t cut a lot of health, but it will push you up forcing some fall damage. If you are on unstable ground encountering the Breeze can be fatal. Especially because you can’t kill it from a distance as it is immune to projectiles.

the bogged minecraft 1.21 update
The new Bogged mob

#2 Trial Chambers and Vaults

It is still unknown how these trial chambers will look when generated. From what we can see in the previews, they will be copper version of current dungeons but with redstone puzzles ingrained in them. At the end of each trial chamber there will be a vault that will cycle random items it will give to the player that manages to reach it.

The vault is an immovable object. If you destroy it there will be nothing. But, multiple players can open it and it will give a different item every time from a list of 23 items and one “nothing” lot. Regretfully, there is a 75% chance there will be nothing in each pool of the vault.

Such a mechanic is fairly interesting in survival, especially Hardcore. But, it’s true potential is within multiplayer. I’m 100% positive that there will be a surge of dungeon designers and dungeon dwellers in modes such as Prison Break now.

#3 Thor’s Hammer

The new Minecraft 1.21 update has reimagined the hammer from the very first Minecraft version which is now “the mace”.  But due to the heavy core used at the top, it looks way more like a war hammer than a mace.

On the surface, the mace is not amazing, dealing only 6 damage same as the stone sword. But, if you are dropping from up high with the mace you can deal immense damage while negating your fall damage.

Theoretically, if you are to drop from 99 blocks high, you can even one-shot the warden.

#4 Uses for Copper

The update also introduces new uses for copper, expanding its functionality within the game. Players can now utilize copper in various crafting recipes and practical applications, adding depth to the gameplay and providing more opportunities for creativity and resource management.

Aside from solid copper blocks, there are also new copper bulbs. These are light-emitting blocks that come in four shades depending on how oxidized they are.

Aesthetically, this is an amazing addition as it can mix good light and a soft glow, depending what you need. And it works with redstone if you need to make automatic lights.

#5 Automatic Crafters

Automatic Crafters make crafting more convenient and efficient for players. With this new feature, players can streamline their crafting processes, saving time and effort while producing a plethora of items. The automatic crafters enhance the game’s mechanics, allowing players to focus more on exploration and creativity.

I imagine that this will make some “combined farms” where the crafter will make infinite products from multiple farms. There will certainly be a video from Mumbo Jumbo or SilentWisperer soon with some ludicrous multi-farm.

A Whole New Game

With the Minecraft 1.21 update, players can experience a whole new game with the introduction of these exciting features. From exploring new biomes to delving into challenging trial chambers, wielding the mighty mace, and streamlining crafting with Automatic Crafters, the update rejuvenates the Minecraft experience, breathing new life into the game.

But, where this update will shine is the multiplayer. I can’t wait to see new guild bases doused in copper bulbs organizing to attack the newly found trial chamber.


By the looks of it, the wait for the Minecraft 1.21 update was worth it.

With the previous minor update we have received wolves and armadillos, but now there is finally some new aggressive mobs, as well as use for all that copper we accumulate all the time.

If you know what you will try out first, let us know on our Discord server.


Q: What will be the Minecraft 1.22 update?

A: It is not yet known what will be in the 1.22 update. While some players predict the revamp of the fortress and a few more biomes, there is no official information as of now.

Q: Is the Minecraft 1.21 update available on Java?

A: Yes, the 1.21 refers to the Java update. The bedrock update is expected a bit later, possible by the beginning of July 2024.

Q: How to break the Minecraft Vault?

A: You can break the vault with any item. But, it has a hardness of 50 same as obsidian so it might take a bit of time to break. When broken, it will drop nothing, not even with the silk touch.

Q: What is a breeze rod for?

A: The breeze rod can be used to make a mace, as a weapon to push enemies, or as a tool to jump much further.

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